How to Expand Consciousness?

By Swami Prabodh

Where is consciousness?

You cannot say I don’t know
Because you are conscious
You don’t create a thought to be conscious
It is the other way around
Because you are conscious you can be conscious of your I-thought or any thought.

Consciousness cannot be conscious of itself.
Only a conscious being can appreciate consciousness.
That appreciation comes through someone.
The conscious presence of someone which is you- is in your’ I am’ appreciation.
Without an I-thought -appreciation of consciousness doesn’t happen as an experience.
You need to have the support of a thought to appreciate the presence of life experiences.
But to the one to whom life experiences happen is also supported by a thought

(To negate the permanency of I-thought and to show it ‘ impermanent ‘a teacher in the tradition would be using avastha thraya prakriya’ analysis on three states of experiences waking.dream and sleep to tell you to appreciate the invariable ‘WITNESS CONSCIOUSNESS’ later the ‘witness hood of the consciousness is negated to show the limitless nature of it ’showing the samanya adikaranatwam in the jyanam brahma –anantam brahma analysis)

Though we say you need not create a thought to be conscious
That is why in sleep consciousness is, but the appreciation of consciousness is absent.
The appreciation of consciousness only can happen through a medium.
That medium is your i-thought.

Let’s ask the question again.

Where is consciousness?
The appreciation of consciousness as an experience can happen only at one place.

Where is that place?
Where you have your ‘I-sense’ there you can experience it.

How you experience it?
You experience your conscious presence as ‘I am’
Your presence as’ I am ‘is your appreciation of your existence.

Suppose your I-thought is absent can you experience consciousness?
Existentially it is present which you have to know by teaching-upadesa
Experientially consciousness seems ‘ absent’

For two reasons
One: The appreciation of your existence needs a medium
Two: The existence and the appreciation of existence both enjoy different orders of reality
To be surgically precise ‘existence’ is the reality
The experience of the reality which we call as ‘empirical’ enjoys an ‘order of reality’.
One is ‘satyam another is ‘Midhya’

To say it differently,
Consciousness is the existence which is called’ the reality’
The reflection of it in the form which as though appears as ‘I- thought’ is empirical – an order of reality.
By that you got the ‘toss’ to play the game called life

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Swami Prabodh


07 Feb, 2016



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