Ashram Facilities


The campus at AyurYoga Eco-Ashram has been created to maximize our harmony and exposure to Mother Nature. All of the buildings are constructed using eco-friendly methods and there is ample space between each building, allowing us to feel we are always close to nature. Most buildings have gorgeous views of the river valley and the surrounding countryside. Although simple, all of our facilities are comfortable, provide all necessities, and stand in harmony with the surroundings.


Existing facilities

    • Chakra Yoga Hall: The biggest yoga hall, which is mainly used for teacher training classes and workshops, is located right in front of the river.The  360 degree floor to ceiling glass windows allow the students to revel in the beautiful river view, and watch the amazing sunrises and sunsets.
    • Surya Multi-Purpose Hall: The Surya Multi-Purpose Hall is peacefully situated amidst green lawns and plantations, and is normally used for yoga immersion classes and evening video shows.
    • Chandra Multi-Purpose: Situated above the kitchen/dining hall, the Chandra Multi-Purpose Hall is a large L-shaped room which offers an incredible panoramic view all around.
    • Dining Room:The moon shaped dining hall can comfortably seat 40 people. The open concept front of the dining room provides always fresh air and gorgeous views, making it a favourite hangout spot for our guests to chill out!
    • Kitchen: The spacious kitchen is clean, sanitary, and equipped with all the necessary things to produce our delicious food
    • Boutique: Located beside the dining hall, the boutique sells a variety of Indian-made clothing, bags, artwork, and souvenirs, as well as other necessities students may need to buy while on the ashram.
    • Heritage Building: The Heritage Building, situated at the ashram entrance, is where most of the ashram staff and teacher are housed.


upcoming Facilities

    • Three-floor central structure with a ground floor library / wifi-zone / student hang-out area, second floor yoga hall, and third floor meditation hall.
    •  Ayurveda facility with four therapy rooms.
    • Ayurveda Pharmacy, to manufacture Ayurveda herbal medicines for our in-house use, from the herbal plants grown within our ashram.
    • Reception building with offices
    • Residential quarters for Teachers and Staff.
    • Residential rooms for students – 30 more rooms.
    • Developing Gardens, Landscapes, ponds, and art to create a Zen atmosphere as per the principles of Permaculture.
    • Temple – for both ashram residents and locals.
    • Free Ayurveda Clinic for locals.
    • Sacred Forest – plantation of 10,000 Herbal/Ayurvedic medicinal trees to produce a powerful healing energy.

Every new student coming to this campus would be contributing for the further growth of this ashram, as all the profits from what you pay will be used for the development and maintenance of this ashram. We feel the need for having this kind of ashram in India, where peace, space and nature are hard to find, as the increasing population opting for a materialistic lifestyle that damages the Mother Nature. At AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, we can’t think of spirituality devoid of Mother Nature and its influence on our body-mind-soul everyday.



  • Electricity: The supply of electricity from the government is limited to 6 – 8 hours a day. However, we have UPS battery backup for all rooms and teaching halls, besides the silent diesel generator for emergencies. We request our guests not to waste power, especially when we are on batteries during the daytime.
  • Internet: AyurYoga Eco-Ashram is equipped with two Fibre-Optic internet lines, but with certain limitations on bandwidth/speed. A complementary voucher for 500 mbps of data will be provided when you arrive. Extra vouchers can be purchased for a nominal charge of Rs.500/500 mb or high speed vouchers for Rs.1000/1 GB. We also have one/two computers in the office for guests use charged by time.We expect the students to connect with their inner worlds and to appreciate the peace of Mother Nature, instead of being distracted with outside world. So, we expect the students to minimize their time on mobile phones/computers/smart devices to focus on inner life. Internet is turned off during Silence Hours from 10 pm to 10 am, expect on days-off.
  • Telephone: Your mobile phone may work here – depends on your network and roaming activation, but can be very expensive. We recommend the guests to turn the phones to airplane mode to save from roaming costs.As per the laws of Indian Government, it is not possible to buy/activate SIM cards for foreigners without a permanent address in India. Nevertheless, you can buy a sim card from the special tourist counters inside of Bangalore Airport.AyurYoga Eco-Ashram is equipped with both landline and mobile phones in the office which can be used by guests for calling/receiving phone calls with nominal costs.
  • Laundry: We offer machine laundry for a nominal cost of $3 to $5 / load, including drying and ironing. You can also bring organic washing powder to do the wash on your own and dry on your balcony.
    We request our guest to minimize the use of chemical soaps, washing powders, shampoos in the bathrooms, as we are trying to keep our land free from all chemicals for the Organic Farming of Herbal/Ayurvedic medicinal plants, vegetables, and fruits for own consumption.


Though we provide all the basic comforts and facilities needed for International students at a yoga school in India, we are not a hotel, nor a resort. We consider all payments from students as exchange for what we teach and as a gift for future students. So there are no separate charges for accommodation, food and facilities. The idea behind charging for certain extras like private rooms, internet, laundry, Fruit Juices etc. is to minimize the use of natural and human resources like Water, Power, Food, Internet – which are all in scarcity and expensive for us.

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