Ode to AyurYoga Eco-Ashram

By Tracy Munteanu

Yoga Immersion Student, 21 December 2015 – 4 January 2016


We went to an ashram, is years’ winter break,
We thought ‘it’s just yoga, how much will it take?’
So little we knew just how much we would learn,
From sat-chit-ananda to spinal twist turn.

At first thought it stressed us, ‘cos what we’d give up,
For 2 weeks, just yoga and tea in a cup,
But strange it was easy to get in routine,
Can you believe ‘relax’ was the major theme?

So tell us ’bout yoga, say what? Twice a day?!
It’s really not bad as for most part we lay,
On the ground to hug earth and breathe in and breathe more,
Then stretch, stretch and stretch until you feel the sore.

It’s all about philosophy of yoga and zen,
No wait, that’s not all, we all die and what’s then?
The lessons are of body and mind and of soul,
To self-realize is the ultimate goal.

Krishna is so wise and just kind and serene,
But the teachers who train us are all just so mean!
They bend us and stretch us and pull us and push,
Ah, only just joking, they’re all really lush.

With back bends and cobra, the crow and the plough,
We managed to get there, don’t really know how,
They told us it’s all in the mind what we do,
But what about when we need help in the loo?!

The rules are quite simple, turn up crack of dawn,
For then we will meditate, it’s ok to yawn,
Then silence from 10pm to 10 the next day,
It’s all so relaxing, we really must stay.

The food is just fabulous, done fresh every day,
No dish is the same, they are all different way,
All that we eat is own here on the land,
It’s all thanks to Saji, we’d eat from his hand. (

No dairy, no meat, no bad drugs or the booze,
What then, you may ask, is there that we can lose??
We chanted and panted and all of this while,
Has anyone seen, sniffed or touched crocodile?

So let’s take a massage and try to relax,
From relaxing and lying around on our backs,
Or go for a walk down the long country lane,
But when dark and roadside, it’s really not sane!

We met lovely people, from all walks of life,
Who want to be calm and away from all strife,
To be with same people who genuinely care,
And believe in themselves, come now visit if you dare!
(Aahhhhhhh……wide mouth open)

So now we know all of ‘do yes’ and ‘do nots’,
But have to go back to real life, just robots,
No sex before bedtime is now all the rage,
With nothing to do, see you all on Facebook page!

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Krish Varma


07 Feb, 2016

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