Payment Policy

Firstly, thank you for choosing to walk your path with us. Our Ashram is made by, and made for, seekers like you who want to learn, practice and share authentic forms of Yoga, Ayurveda, and are also bound together for our love for Mother Nature.

At present, how much we charge for each retreat depends on our ability to maintain 18 acres of campus, to pay for 15+ teachers/staff employed, to be able to build more rooms and other infrastructure necessary to make your stay comfortable, for growing our own vegetables and herbs, to meet our social responsibility through our charitable activities for local neighbors, etc. We want to do this all, while keeping the group size smaller, between 10 to 20 max., to give a better quality experience.

Please note India is a developing country with complex regulations of accounting /taxation / banking systems, which might make it harder to process International payments.  We will appreciate your understanding and patience if you have any difficulties in processing payments.

Why Non-refundable Deposit?

Due to limited accommodation and the number of spots in each retreat, it is not practical for us to block a spot, without a deposit of $300 USD as a guarantee from you. We hire teachers and make practical arrangements depending on the number of participants. We need to know the exact number of participants for each retreats in advance to be able to prepare well and to receive you here without any last minute worries.

Wait for Visas & Flight Tickets?

Some of you may want to wait for obtaining an Indian Tourist Visa and to get flight tickets before committing with a deposit. Sorry, it is not practical for us to wait till the last minute for you to get a visa before you confirm with a deposit. Because if you can’t come, we will not have enough time to advertise to fill that spot or a prospective student will not be able to book online in a short notice.

Please check about  30 day E-Visa: Tourist-Visa-Arrival which can applied for one week before your departure.  our How to Get Here page for more information on Visas. For a regular tourist visa, please apply 4 weeks before your arrival in India, as the Visa is valid from the date of issue and not your arrival in India.  If you are applying from a country, other than your passport country, please apply six/eight weeks ahead.

If you have applied for a Tourist Visa (not student visa) at least four weeks before the departure and still denied for no fault of yours, we can transfer your booking to any future course within one year. 

How to Pay Deposit?

After completing the Registration Form from our Online Bookings Page, please send the non-refundable deposit of $300 USD through Paypal from this page in our website:

Application without a deposit

Without deposit, your application is not forwarded for review and approval process nor can we block a spot in our online reservation software.

Review of your application

All online applications will be reviewed by our teachers, to make sure that the course/retreat you are applying is right for you. We look for your age, health, medical history (if any), past experience in Yoga or different criteria for our special retreats.

As a policy, we don’t want to discriminate or reject anybody wanting to come here. Only in some case, if we feel your physical fitness or health conditions may not be ready, for some of our intensive training here, one of our teacher will contact you to discuss the practicalities.. and then let the you make the final decision.

If an application is rejected (only in rare cases) the deposit will be refunded within 24 hours to the same Credit/Debit card paid through Paypal. 

Transfer Policy

Yes, it is possible to transfer your application and non-refundable deposit to any future course (not necessarily the same retreat/program you are applying for), or to any of your friends/family, with the following conditions:

1) Transfer request needs to be made at least six weeks before course start date. So that we will have enough time to find a replacement.

2) Your future retreat, should be within one year from the date/month of retreat you have paid for. Example: if you book for a retreat starting in January 2016, you can transfer to any course till in January 2017.

3) When a deposit is transferred to a future course, we may have to recalculate the currency exchange rates of your past deposit to current exchange rates at the time of your arrival in our ashram.

Refund Policy

No refunds can be made against the deposit payments under any circumstances, for number of practical reasons. Even if we want to refund, the banking regulations in India doesn’t permit any electronic transfers to foreign countries. It is not practical for us to go to bank in the town and stand in queques for hours and doing all the paperwork to make an International bank transfers.

Cancellation Policy

Without Transfer intimation within six weeks prior to the start date, the non-refundable deposit will be forfeited automatically. The forfeited deposits go to our Trust account as a donation, which will be used for charitable activities like free medical camps, supporting the education of orphans and training locals into organic farm etc.

Full (Balance) Payments

The Balance payment is the amount after deducting the deposit amount you paid, from the total Retreat cost you have chosen on your online application. Example: your total retreat cost is $1000 and you paid $300 deposit, your balance amount will be $700 USD.

When and How to pay Balance (Full) Payments?

You can pay the balance payments 4 weeks ahead of the course start dates or during the first three days after arriving in our campus.

Credit/Debit Cards
We accept Visa and Master Cards (both Credit/Debit cards) – with an extra charge of 4.5% that will be charged by our banks for processing an International Credit/Debit Cards + commission of a third party agent, that we have to use to process all our card transactions.

If you like to use this option, please contact your card company to update them that you are gong to India and how much you want to pay, to remove the restrictions applied for using cards abroad and daily transaction limitations. Also please make sure how much they charge for processing your payment in India, which will be considered as “Cash Advance” (like taking cash from ATM) and not a purchase.

It is also possible to get Indian Rupees for your own personal use, out of your Credit/Debit Cards, if you don’t mind paying 4.5% extra charges.

Cash Payments:
We accept cash in any four major currency – USD/GBP/AUD/EUR. For other currency, please email us in advance to be sure. Other than paying for your courses, you can also exchange your currency at our ashram (once a week) for Indian Rupees, to pay for your taxis from/to airport, money for your day-trips etc.

Western Union Money Transfer
If you travelling around the world and can’t use your bank account or cards, your family/friends from your home can send you money through Western Union. Or you can send it to yourself (as sender with your home address and as receiver with our address in India), before leaving the country. When you reach here, you just need to give us a copy of your passport and Visa, along with your authorization code and signatures to deposit that to our account.

Paypal for Balance Payments
You are welcome to use Paypal to pay the balance payments, if you are okay to bear the 21% extra costs to cover up 14.5% Service Tax that goes Govt. of India, 6.5% Paypal Transaction and Exchange fees. If you email us we can send you a Paypal invoice.

Bank Transfers
It is the last option we use when all else fail. Due to strict Banking regulations from Indian Govt. it involves a lot of paperwork, for both parties, to abide by FCRA regulations. As money comes through an intermediatery bank the uncertainly with delays, fees deducted by Intermediatery (routing) banks in each country, fluctuating currency market makes this option most worrisome for us.

However, if you are okay to bear all additional charges/taxes and  the billing/receipt in Indian Rupees, please email us the name of your bank and country from where you are sending. Then, we can send you all the paperwork, provided you make this transfer at least 30 days before the course start date – as it can take one to four weeks time and sometime go missing if you don’t use right codes.

Please note how much money you send from your account in your own currency or USD is not our concern, what we account is how many rupees we receive in our account, after all deductions and service tax, to convert that into US Dollars as per the exchange rates from, on the day of money received in our account.


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