How to Get Here?

Travel to Ayuryoga Eco-Ashram in India


Welcome to India, a developing country, where travel experience can be challenging but exciting! So, be prepared, as a true traveller on an adventure, to go through all the difficulties of visas, airports, flights and bumpy road journey from airport to ashram.

Bangalore Airport (BLR), Karnataka:
Nearest International Airport, also known as Bengaluru (BLR) is at about 200 Kms. and take 4 to 5 hours drive to our ashram.  Bangalore Airport is well connected with all cities in the world. Most of our students arrive and departs from here – it is possible to share the taxi ride with other students.

Mysore Airport:
A small Airport in Mysore (also known as Mysuru) operates only one flight a day from Bangalore, on certain days only. This only flight in the morning gets cancelled often due to weather or lack of enough passengers. So, we don’t recommend this domestic flight as of now. Also there are restrictions of carrying not more than 15 kg. luggage on this small flight.

Calicut Airport (CCJ), Kerala: (Calicut is also known as Kozhikode)
Located on the coast of Kerala and more crowded with passengers from Middle East. The distance of 200 kms. to Ashram is same like Bangalore Airport but takes at least 5 to 6 hours drive to get here. The drive from Calicut airport to ashram passes through very scenic hills and forests of wilderness in Kerala – though roads with lot of curves are for slow driving.

Not many of our students come through this airport and not recommended, unless you need to travel in Kerala, before or after the course. If you are arriving from Calicut Airport after 2 pm or during the night, you can stay at one of the home stays in Wayanad Forest (we can help you with that) to break the long tiring drive with a night of rest, especially if you are already tired with long distance flights from Europe or US/Canada.

If you find the flight tickets to Bangalore expensive or travelling before/after the course, you may want to look at the flights to Chennai (Tamilnadu) Cochin (Kerala), Mumbai (West India), Delhi (North India) airports, from where you can book another domestic flight ticket from to Bangalore.

Visa is Mandatory to Land in India

Please be aware all foreigners need to have an Indian “Tourist Visa” to land in India. Please do not mistaken with “student visa” which are given for long-term academic courses in Universities.

If you are staying for less than 30 days and belong to one of the countries listed on this website, you can get E-Visa (applied and obtained online) from: Official Visa Website of Govt. of India

If you want to be in India for more than 30 days or do not belong to one of the listed countries, you may have to visit Indian Embassy/Consulate or their appointed visa processing agencies to obtain a “Tourist Visa”. For more info: please check this website: and most importantly, the website of Indian Embassy in your country to know the processing time.

Ideal time to apply for E-Visa is at least two weeks before arrival. For a normal tourist visa, please apply at least 4 weeks before your arrival, as it can take one to two weeks.

Safe Airport Transfers

We organize safe Airport Transfers with known drivers to pick up /drop back the students from/to from Airport at anytime of the day or night.  As most of our students arrive one/two days before the course start date, we will co-ordinate to accommodate two/three students in one car – to reduce the taxi charges and for a company on a long drive. In case if you arrive/depart at odd time and alone, we can also arrange a hotel room closer to Airport, to enable you to share a taxi with other students.

This part of India is perfectly safe for women travellers and we take the safety of our students seriously. Our designated driver/staff will be standing at airport with a placard showing your name and our ashram name. Also we will email you at least four phone numbers to reach us, in case of any problem in finding our person at airport.

Estimated Cost for Airport Transfer

From Car Distance Drive INR USD  Euro
Mysore Small 40 kms. 1 hour Rs. 1500 $25 €20
Mysore SUV 40 kms. 1 hour Rs. 2000 $30 €25
Bangalore Small 200 Km. 4 -5 hours Rs. 4000 $60 €50
Bangalore SUV 200 Km. 4 -5 hours Rs. 6000 $90 €80
Calicut Small 200 Km. 5 – 6 hours Rs. 4500 $70 €60
Calicut SUV 200 Km. 5 – 6 hours Rs. 6000 $90 €80

The above mentioned costs are per a car, which can be shared to reduce the prices.
USD and Euro exchange rates given above are for estimation only and not the exact amount. Please check for current exchange rates.

You will have to pay for airport transfers in Indian Rupees, along with the your course balances, during the first three days of your arrival. You can collect Indian Rupees either from ATMs at Airport or on the way. You can also exchange any major currency into Indian Rupees through a private money agent who will come to our ashram and will give you a better rate than banks or Airport counters, who charge extra taxes and give a poor exchange rates.

All prices are for estimation only and can vary slightly depend on time, waiting hours, cars etc.

Arriving by Bus from Bangalore Airport:

There are direct buses from Bangalore Airport to Mysore by bus, 4 hours/Rs. 800 ($10) at certain times:  Bangalore Airport FlyBus to Mysore

From Mysore to our ashram, we can organize a taxi for Rs. 1300 ($20)/one hour. You will have to call us by phone when you get on the bus to Mysore to confirm that your bus arrival time at Mysore.

From the Satellite Bus station  in Bangalore, you can also find several Volvo buses to Mysore every 30 minutes and costs less than $10/4 hours drive.

From Other Parts of India

There are buses and trains available to Mysore from other parts of South India.  If you can email us from where you want to come we can suggest you the best way to reach us.

For trains: or
For Buses: or
For Domestic Flights: or

Our Location in GooleMaps: AyurYoga Eco-Ashram, India


Flight Tickets to India?

Best time to buy flight tickets is at least 8 to 4 weeks before arrival. The cost of the flights can get really expensive in the last few days before arrival.

We do get many transfers/cancellations when a student waits for visas till last minute, just to realize that they have visa but the flights are too expensive. There is no reason for a tourist visa to be rejected, if your documentation is okay. It is very rare among our students to cancel the trip due to visas. Even if a Tourist visa is rejected due to lack of proper documentation, you can still apply for 30 day E-Visa, for most nationalities, if you have at least one week before arrival.

So, if you have to risk between flight tickets and visas, better to take risk with the Visas, than waiting till the last minute with flight costs.

Our favourite websites for getting best flights:

Budget Travel, if you have time to research for hours:

If you have more time and energy, you may also google for the best times to book or fly to get best deals on International flights.

For domestic flights/trains/buses within India:

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