Location & Weather

Where are we Located?

AyurYoga Eco-ashram is a 18 acre Organic Farm under development, on the bank of River Kabini, with panoramic views of the valleys and hills all around. Our location is far away from any hustle and bustle of the modern world and surrounded with agricultural fields for several miles all around – which makes it very scenic with the changing colours every month as farmers are growing and harvesting varieties of crops at different seasons.
Though geographically located in the state of Karnataka, the borders of Kerala and Tamilanadu Forest Reserves are less than two hours drive from the ashram. During your stay at a Yoga Ashram in India, you can explore all three states of Karnakata, Kerala and Tamil Nadu during the trips organized on days-off. We also help the students to travel before/after the course through our associated travel agents.

Please check the satellite view in Google Maps in our Contact Us page


Our ashram enjoys pleasant and comfortable weather throughout the year. The evenings and early mornings can be a bit cool, while it is sunny and warm in the day time. The normal range of temperatures is between 22 – 32 degrees Celsius. We rarely experience heavy rains, extreme heat, or extreme cold. Students will be most comfortable in light and breathable cotton clothing.

Places around Us

JP Hundi: The village we are located in, has 50 homes and a population of about 200.

Kannenur: At one kilometer distance, the next big village with school, medical clinic, post office, corner shops etc.

Hulhalli: Nearest town at six kilometers (kms.) distance, where we do most of our shopping.

Hommara-galli: Nearest Bus stop at five kms. on Mysore-HD Kote-Kerala Road.

Nanjungud: Another Town at 18 kms. on the road connecting Mysore with Tamilanadu.

Mysore: Closest City at 35 kms. A heritage city with all modern urban facilities, bazars, shopping, hospitals, etc. which makes it a great place to hangout for international tourists and backpackers. Mysore is a charming cultural and spiritual center with many historical places, parks, restaurants, etc. Not the least, it is known as the Yoga Capital of South India. Before or after the course, if you would like to stay in Mysore for a day or two, please check out this homestay run by our friends: http://krishnaprem.weebly.com/

Moving Around:

Please note people in this area are simple villagers, not used to seeing foreigners, and English is hard to understand. Though Indians generally are very friendly and hospitable people, the villagers might be holding some misconceptions for white skin people from what they see on Indian media. So, we recommend our students to be ‘Romans when you are in Rome‘ to avoid unnecessary attention and curiosities of people that can put you in embarrassing situations.


  • We suggest all of our students to wear appropriate dressing within the ashram and especially when you go out of the ashram.
  • Indians are not used to seeing shoulders, mid-riff, knees, especially of women.
  • Showing off thighs and cleavage in India is inviting trouble.
  • Though you might see many semi clad local men, it is not considered respectable for educated city folks.
  • Wearing Indian dress gets you respect and friendly smiles.


Satellite view on Google Maps

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