Traditional Yoga Teacher Trainings In India

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Traditional Hatha / 30 Days / 200 Hours Yoga Instructor Training Course
yoga instructor training indiaThis one month intensive yoga instructor training retreat in India begins the noble journey of sharing yoga with others.

Through the in-depth study of yoga asanas, pranaymas, anatomy, and philosophy, you will leave the course with all the skills necessary to begin teaching yoga.

300 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Traditional Hatha / 30 days / 300 Hours
yoga instructor trainingFor the students who have already completed a 200 hour yoga instructor training course, this 300 hrs Advanced YTT is the next step. Learn advanced asanas, pranayamas, and kriyas, deepen your understanding of yoga philosophy, and improve in your self-practice. This is a highly challenging yoga instructor course, for those looking to take their yoga teaching or personal practice to the next level.

The popularity of yoga is rising with each passing day. Everyone throughout the world is taking up yoga to stay fit and healthy. There has never been a better time to become a yoga teacher than now. And what better than opting for yoga training in India! We offer comprehensive 200 hour yoga teacher training and 300 hour Yoga instructor courses in India to help you study the various aspects of yoga, including its philosophy, anatomy, pranayama, asanas, kriyas, advanced yoga postures and more, and then effectively pass on all that learning to the students.

Our Yoga training in India will enable you to setup your own yoga classes and teach yoga to others in a holistic way, promoting positive health, preventing diseases and bringing harmony and peace to the society overall. Please note, an aspiring yoga teacher should not just be familiar with the kriyas and asanas alone, but should also be able to teach the core philosophy of yoga to others. The metaphysical foundation and the core principles of yoga are equally important as the actual practice techniques. Please keep in mind when you’re looking for Yoga instructor courses in India, you must go with a Yoga training school that’s not obsessively focused only on its revenues, but is in it for the love of the discipline and to help the society on the whole.

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