Yoga Immersion Retreat for Beginners

14 days | 7 hrs/day | Beginner
yoga retreats in indiaA two week immersion into the basics of yoga, this yoga retreat in India is meant for people who have not been regular in their yoga practice & would like to incorporate yoga into their daily lives. Learn asanas appropriate for your body, basic pranayamas, introduction to yoga philosophy & meditation techniques to get you started on your yoga journey.

Yoga Intensive Retreat for Intermediate / Advanced

14 days | 9 hrs/day | Intermediate
yoga retreat in indiaThis two week yoga retreat in India is for the students who already have a foundation in yoga but would like to explore more challenging asanas & pranayamas to bring their practice up to the next level. There is also an emphasis on yoga philosophy & psychology to extend the yoga practice beyond the mat.


A yoga retreat can be termed as a serene place situated far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, somewhere quiet, in the lap of nature. Such yoga retreats normally provide students with focused yoga classes, related events and nutritional routines that help them detox and align their bodies and mind with nature.

When it comes yoga retreats, India is by far the best place to turn to. After all, it’s the place where Yoga actually originated from. With people becoming more and more aware about the negative impacts of our stressful lives, Yoga retreats in India are in high demand these days. Anyone feeling overworked by the pressures of his/her office and/or home life, requires a retreat to give his/her body and mind a break. A home break, although may sound appealing, cannot let you disconnect from these pressures. What you require instead is a rejuvenating yoga retreat, focusing on nature, meditation and yoga-related activities.

Rated among the best yoga ashrams, we offer yoga retreats in India conducted by traditional teachers of Hatha Yoga & Pranayamas. You get to choose from two different programs – a 14-day (7 hours per day) Yoga Retreats for beginners (Yoga Immersion Retreat), or a more intensive 14-day (9 hours per day) Yoga retreat in India (Yoga Intensive Retreat) for advanced or intermediate level yoga practitioners.

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